Report Sexual Misconduct and Child Maltreatment

Reports of sexual misconduct help us build a safer community.  Individuals may report sexual misconduct to the University, to the police, or both (recommended). 

In addition, all university employees have an obligation to report Child Maltreatment to the University and the Department of Children and Families. 


You may file a report of sexual misconduct online through our online reporting form.

You may report child maltreatment online here.


You may file an in-person report through the Title IX Office:

Gables One Tower, Suite 100
Phone: 305-284-8624

or by contacting on of our Area Deputy Title IX Coordinators.

There are anonymous and confidential reporting options.  Filing a report does not mean that formal disciplinary action will be automatically taken; it is up to the reported to decide if and how to participate in the University's investigative process.

Contacting the police is especially important if you think you may want to seek legal action against the perpetrator.  In case of emergency, call 911.  If non-emergency:

Coral Gables Campus UMPD: 305-284-6666
RSMAS Campus Safety: 305-710-7991 (will connect you with local PD)
Medical Campus Safety: 305-243-6000 (will connect you with local PD)